Now that you have decided to travel on board with “BusinessTakes Aviation” brokerage concept, let me fill you on a few details that will make you stay on board with us for many more flights.

Besides the exclusivity of the service, the dedicated team and arrangements that our dedicated travel team is able to set up, we at BusinessTakes follow through your whole travel plan to the most exclusive detail, where we look into details such as your privacy, security and excellence experience in traveling on a business jet. Your expectations are exceeded in all aspects with our flight preparation standards, our fast response and ability to provide you with the most suitable aircraft for your flight. We plan details before during and after your flight, that include the business meeting rooms on board your flight, or at your destination.

We work with the most exclusive private jet companies in the world, this allows us to withhold the largest network of aircraft availability 24/7 around the world to cover your travel needs.BusinessTakes Aviation group is just not your normal aviation broker, we counsel you with traveling items that you may require on your journey, such as our exclusive duty free items purchased via catalog, some exclusive traveling items and gadgets available within this site. During your flight you will if so require have access to our exclusive business network of partners at your destination. We want to make your business travel as productive as possible and we are able to provide and set up 15 minute Network meetings at your arrival with our local partners. For more information how to request this service please visit our Business Network

In case of any questions regarding your present flight or future flight requests please send us an inquiry  as soon as possible, so that our team may start proactively working on our flight.

Enjoy the flight with us.



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