A page where you can alwas find three interesting items

…. the business week starts here!

For the Bikers!….   Safety also starts here!  They called it  SKULLY!

SKULLY a helmet focused on road safety

 Travel Gear recommends for the motorbike traveler the SKULLY helmet. For the daily commute and travel its a helmet focused on road safety, the drivers safety and centered on information. It weights 1.79 Kg besides the built in microphone it is wireless connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it has GPS functionality and an incredible high resolution head up display and a back camera that has a 180º angle of rear vision. On board your private jet flight its you are less likely to need it but it will be handy on arrival.  BusinessTakes recommending your safety!

Galileo presented by Mottr

 Produced by mot by mottr, it is called Galileo.

Once again Travel Gear is at its best recommending an innovative product by mottr. It is the evolution to the “old” camera tripod. Modern and sophisticated “Galileo” is back to set a mark once again for civilization. Now as a suitable and versatile device that is able to hold your mobile phone while you are traveling, on a conference call, taking pictures. You may use the remote app to control Galileo and your camera rotating the camera to an impressive 360 coverage. Ideal for any sophisticated traveler or any mobile user, it soon becomes a needed tool in your travel bag. While in on a private jet it is autonomous and can assist you with your video conferencing, video or peach recording and other useful means means to operate with your mobile.

Speaking of which! “Have you ever arrived at an airport and mobile battery is flat?


TRUNKSTER The future of luggage

No time to charge before the connecting flight, and you need to call…and the plug on the wall is taken? Sound familiar…. I have been there, and I know the feeling…! Our third recommendation is a all in one robust and trust worthy suitcase made for the modern business traveler that cannot afford to spend time “charging”. This suitcase has on board a sophisticated USB electrical charger removable if needed and more… Travel Gear has you covered when traveling specially with your luggage.

Introducing the future of luggage.

  A recommended purchase of any of the products with us during your flight booking, or  during your travel will favor a special offer on your next flight with us.