Our vast experience in the Aviation Industry has led us access to the most exclusive market of companies specialized in executive and private travel in the World. Our vast experience allows us to clearly set an international network of companies professional and aircraft ready to fly to meet your demand.

Besides our Innovative approach to air travel and in order to accommodate you with services that sometimes are overlooked, we have dedicated years of work and man hours to develop a business network in various industries with whom we have established commercial contacts, and that have been involved in project Worldwide. You will agree that being part of business networks is the next step in order to favor business, and in today’s economical environment, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that will assist you in business.

Our Business Network has expanded Worldwide with industry leaders, companies and private equity firms, that withhold knowledge and business assets that are made available to the correct partner if mutual interest is expressed.

Major Industries such as transport, aviation, fuel, cement, commodities, retail  and marketing are amongst the International contacts that are likely to be made available at your destination if you so require.

In order to have access to the service please send us a detailed email (email address) with your business networking needs or requests, and we will easily accommodate your request. Please be specific, include your itinerary, destinations, and if possible a scheduled meeting time for the contact to be established.

All this is privately organized, with utmost confidentiality, and information will always be shared within 3 levels of communication. Private and secured communications links are made available and secure codes are shared within interested parties.