A new approach to Executive Jet Travel with Business Networking on Demand

Your Flights are booked and monitored on the World’s most modern fleet of executive jets made available.
While flying you are able to evaluate our exclusive luxury real estate and properties made available Worldwide.
We may provide a vast number of business networking meetings and solutions to meet your schedule on demand.
You may also participate in the CROWD FUNDING solution “Green Flight Funding” and make your flight a green flight in the sky!

Book yourself a GREEN Flight with us!

The flexibility of a private executive jet aircraft is most of the times needed to meet a demanding schedule, a business trip or when traveling with the family on a deserved vacation. Our exclusive networked fleet will guarantee the Worlds most modern aircraft for your itinerary. We demand the best, you get the best.
Be part of the CF “Green Flight Funding” and make your flight a green flight in the sky today!

Networked meetings at your destination.

In a demanding business environment, your time is precious, your schedule must be flexible and meetings are most of the times scheduled for the normal office hours. Your time and travel need to be efficient and productive. A on demand business networking solution is now available so that you may network with new possible clients, industry leaders and innovative services that accept your network meeting request. An innovative service available any time.

In-flight Luxury real estate and properties.

On board and for your evaluation during the flight a selection of properties and Luxury real estate is made available via the In-Flight Entertainment Systems. The selection considers all real estate regimes and may include housing, commercial areas and offices as well vast properties for leisure or investment. In order to facilitate your evaluation the selection considers the availability according to your itinerary and then Worldwide availability.

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